Whole30 “Meal Prep” Guide for the Solo Whole30er

Here is a list of my favorite Whole30 meals to rotate through while on a round. Breakfast is the only meal that I prep a whole week’s worth of food at once, and I mix and match leftovers for lunches between the 2-3 dinners I cook a week. You do not have to spend all day meal prepping if that doesn’t fit into your schedule, so please don’t think you can’t do a Whole30 if you don’t have a day to devote to meal prepping! I work 6 days a week, so I do not have a lot of free time to spend stuck in the kitchen (nor do I want to), but I can manage to whip up dinner a few nights a week. Being solo on Whole30 means that all the leftovers are for you, so one family sized meal will make about 3-5 leftover servings, and a lot less kitchen time.

- An Instant Pot is extremely helpful for cooking quick meals. Amazon has amazing deals on them (especially Black Friday), so just keep your eyes peeled. It also doubles as a slow cooker!
- Keep your proteins on the plain side, then you can add different sauces or dressing throughout the week if you get bored. Think of sauces like pesto, barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, creamy ranch dip, balsamic sauce, Italian dressing. Mix and match your vegetables with different proteins as well, so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating the exact same meal every day for a week.
- Keep a variety of frozen vegetables on hand, when you need a vegetable to go with your protein. I usually put about a cup of frozen vegetables in a microwave safe container, and cook them when I get to the office and eat alongside sausages or hard boiled eggs.
- Roast your vegetables for more flavor.
- Keep canned tuna, salmon and pumpkin on hand for last minute meals.

- My Whole30 egg bake
- Aidell’s chicken apple sausages (I broil 8 at a time) + leftover vegetables
- Hard boiled eggs + leftover vegetables
- Whole Kitchen Sink’s turkey breakfast skillet
- Wholly Guacamole minis or unsweetened coconut flakes for my fat

- Tuna or egg salad with Primal Kitchen’s compliant mayo or homemade mayo on salad greens
- Proscuitto with carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes and homemade ranch dip
- Dinner leftovers as a complete meal
- Leftover protein from dinner paired with a store bought plain garden salad and homemade balsamic dressing or ranch dressing
- Whole30 approved frozen meals available at Walmart

- My Whole30 Instant Pot chili with cauliflower rice
- My Whole30 Thai coconut curry with cauliflower rice
- My Whole30 roasted pork loin with roasted vegetables
- Steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions
- Melissa Hartwig’s salmon cakes with a fresh green salad and mayo, lemon, dill dipping sauce (I substitute canned pumpkin for the canned sweet potatoes)
- No Crumbs Left’s heroine chicken with a fresh green salad and balsamic vinaigrette
- Confessions of a Clean Foodie’s salmon nicoise with mustard avocado dressing
- Nom nom paleo’s Instant Pot Kalua Pig with cabbage
- Barbecue chicken and balsamic pot roast from Physical Kitchness’ Instantly Paleo e-book with coleslaw or broccoli slaw
- Vaca frita from the Castaway Kitchen’s Made Whole cookbook with cauliflower mash and roasted vegetables