Part 3 - Tips and Timeline - 1 Week Prior

1 week prior to starting your Whole30:

1. Write down your reasons for doing a Whole30. Write down at least three, if not more, reasons why you want to do a Whole30.

2. Write down at least 5 (maybe 10) things you can do when your sugar/binge/chips/lazy dragons kick in, and how you will avoid engaging with them. Cravings usually subside within 10 minutes, so think of something you can occupy yourself for that amount of time. And always, drink some water!

3. Print out and check off the non-scale victories (NSV) you would like to see with Whole30, so after the month (and reintroduction), you can see how far you’ve come, along with checking off NSV you haven’t noticed. List located here:

4. Print out the Whole30 calendar, so you can cross off the days as you go. The calendar is at the bottom of the page:

5. Start planning out your meals and what days you will grocery shop and cook. What works for me, may not work for you. Steak and lobster with a side of potatoes and green beans would be a compliant meal! Other simple meal ideas would be tuna salad on greens, or proscuitto with cucumber and carrots and ranch dressing. Use the Whole30 meal template located here:

6. Research recipes that you want to eat and bookmark them. Google “Whole30 roasted chicken” where roasted chicken is what you would like to cook. There are a ton of recipes out there that have made your non-compliant dish, compliant, so don’t start with the mindset that you will be deprived.

7. Plan for leftovers. If someone else is going to be eating your food, you may want to consider doubling the recipe. REMEMBER, your meals don’t have to be fancy! My favorite meals are chili with cauli rice, baked chicken, roasted vegetables, tuna salad mixed with lots of vegetables, salmon cakes and salad. Don’t be afraid to freeze your leftovers. Your future self will thank you.

8. Think of non-food rewards that you would like at the end of your Whole30. Think of something "big" which you wouldn't normally allow yourself, like a new cast iron pan/cookware, a massage, or a new book. For those of us who are always "busy", something priceless like giving yourself an hour to go to the gym, or to read a book in peace, might just be the reward you want.

If you can, I recommend posting these docs (tips 1-4) where you will see them every day, to remind you why you are doing this experiment. Also, don’t think of these as static lists, feel free to update them as you need!