Part 4 - Tips and Timeline - The Weekend Before

Weekend before:

1. It’s GO time! Grocery shop and meal prep (if you like meal prepping). For me, I plan out 3-4 different entrees and mix and match lunch and dinners all week and cook about 5 out of 7 days. For breakfasts, I usually have an egg bake or hard boiled eggs and leftover vegetables. Be sure to buy some frozen chicken breasts and frozen vegetables along with compliant tuna and mayo (or make your own mayo) to keep stashed away for quick meals. Also make some compliant dressing to keep at work for emergencies.

2. Read the beginning of Day by Day (day 0 and 1) so you know what to expect on Day 1.

3. Pack your food for Day 1 the evening before, so all you need to remember is to grab your food and go in the morning. If you’re not used to taking your food with you, put a note on the front door lock so when you leave in the morning, you’ll see the note and remember your food.

4. Take your beginning weight and measurements, and your before pictures IF YOU WANT TO. Whole30 is about repairing relationships, not just with food, but with your scale and yourself (how you perceive yourself, etc). Sometimes the NSV are much more valuable than the number on the scale. But, I realize, to the rest of the world, that number is all important. If you do take measurements, note the time you took them, so you can take your ending measurements at the same time.