Part 5 - Tips and Timeline - Throughout your Whole30

Throughout your Whole30:

1.  Keep reading your labels. I can’t stress this enough to you, and even to myself. Manufacturers change their formulations all the time, so something you bought a couple of weeks ago may no longer be compliant, and the products may also vary from region to region.

2. Change up your menu. Don’t get in a rut of always eating chili, because food boredom is the first thing to make you stray off the path! Keep your taste buds engaged, even if it’s just prepping a single entirely different meal.

3. Don’t be afraid to eat out. BUT, also read over the menu before you get there. Eating out is no excuse to slack off. American-type and seafood-type restaurants are easiest to find compliant foods, like proteins cooked without butter, steamed vegetables, etc. Canola oil is “OK” to have while you are eating out, but avoid it at home. The hardest places are Asian type restaurants where they use soy (either as soy sauce or miso type sauces) and peanut oil in many dishes.

4. Read your Day by Day. Everyday, there are encouraging words and tips/tricks from Melissa herself. Fill out your daily food journal, along with your NSV and how you felt. Then read tomorrow’s entry right after, so you know what you’re in for.

5. Practice self-care. Simple, no or low cost things you do to make yourself happy and feel loved, take some time for yourself. Hang out on the patio without your mobile device, listen to some music, enjoy the sunshine, take an extra long bath or shower, exfoliate and put a face mask on. Indulge in some new teas. Listen to positive and uplifting music and/or podcasts.