Part 6 - Tips and Timeline - Day 23 of your Whole30

Day 23-25 of your Whole30:

1. Plan out your reintroduction. Make a list of what foods you want to reintroduce, and follow the recommended schedule laid out by Whole30 (page 200 in “Day by Day”, and page 35 and then more detail on page 132 in “The Whole30”). Feel free to copy my reintroduction write-up saved here and delete out what I wrote, and add in your foods and dates.

2. Don’t reintroduce foods you don’t want to. Nothing says you have to eat beans if you don’t want them. BUT, I do think it’s a good idea to reintroduce each food group, as you will eventually run into a situation where you may choose to eat those foods, and if you’ve never reintroduced them, how will you know how they make you feel and if it's "worth it"?

3. Go shopping for your reintroduction foods. Remember, you aren’t going straight back to your regular diet, so you will still need Whole30 foods.