Part 8 - Tips and Timeline - Day 1 of Whole30 Reintroduction

Reintroduction day 1:

1. Reintroduce your foods. Pay close attention to how you physically, mentally, and emotionally feel. Journal these sensations every night (at least) so you can kind of be aware of them as you move into your food freedom. Here’s a link to my own personal reintroduction schedule, which has varied from round to round, but I generally try to follow the order, and I do reintroduce all groups, just to see where my reactions are (better/worse) and sometimes to further separate out groups.

2. Pace yourself. Take as much time as you need (keep a minimum 2 days between groups) to feel that Tiger Blood again before embarking on the next food group. Ten days is the fastest, but there’s no rule you have to finish within that time (unless you have a huge event coming up).

End of reintroduction:

3 Make an internal list of “worth it” foods. Remember, there are no good or bad foods, there are just foods that are worth it and not worth it to you. Something that may be worth it to me, may not be for you. If you love your mom’s chocolate cake, go ahead and have a piece with the knowledge of how the ingredients will make you feel; you may find that just half a piece satisfies you. Even if you eat a whole piece, you made a conscious decision to enjoy it. So enjoy it, guilt free! Gluten makes my stomach hurt, so I’m very conscious about what I choose to eat, knowing there is a consequence. I’ll try to pick unique things, such as something homemade over store bought.

4. Celebrate your food freedom! Go out into the world with the knowledge you’ve gained about how food affects you specifically. I personally keep to the “no snacking rule” as it helps me not fall off the wagon, and enjoy a free for all on bread products, or end up mindless munching due to stress or boredom. The snack dragon will come out if I even something healthy like plantain chips, because it has the same sort of crunchy, salty satisfaction that other chips do, so I simply avoid them, knowing that I can go overboard on them.

5. Relax and be proud of yourself. The Whole30 is very strict, so relax and give yourself a pat on the back for finishing. Trust in yourself that you have learned how to identify “worth it” foods. The more you practice identifying worth it foods, the better you will get, and the more natural it will feel (without a whole 10 minute long conversation).

6. Reward yourself with a non-food treat (that you thought of back in Part 3). Perhaps some new cookware (since you are now a Whole30 bonafide chef!), or some kitchen organization bins, a spa day, a staycation, movie date with your family. Freebie rewards should be a part of your self-care, so take what you do daily/weekly, and ramp it up a notch. Get yourself a new book or magazine, maybe a new water bottle/travel mug. How about a new plant or a pot of herbs?

7. Take your end measurements - weight and sizing IF YOU WANT TO. Hopefully, after these 40 days, you will have learned to appreciate all the NSV you encountered, and finally realize that you do not need to be a slave to the scale, or a dress size. But, if you choose to take measurements, be sure to do it no later than two days after your last food reintroduction, since you should still be Whole30 on those last days. If you have already moved into food freedom, I recommend against weighing/measuring as your results will not be as accurate as if you were still 100% Whole30.