Part 9 - Tips and Timeline - Fell off the wagon or didn't complete?

Did you fall off the wagon during your reintroduction or you simply didn't complete your Whole30? Not to worry, we are human. You are here because you want to succeed!

1. Do a mini reset! Remember, you have learned all your food habits over the course of your lifetime. Habits are comforting and also hard to break. If you’ve had few too many indulgences and aren’t feeling your best, fix yourself with a week or two of Whole30 clean eating.

2. Be kind to yourself. Very cliche, but you have to remember that healthy eating is a lifelong journey, it’s not a quickie diet. Even if you have a few setbacks, you also have the knowledge to get back on track, so start that healthier eating today!

3. Plan out your next Whole30. Commit to yourself, to your future health, to being there for your family and friends. Take some time to evaluate why you went off the plan (did you not plan for enough foods, did you forget your emergency stash of foods, did you plan your Whole30 during a busy time of year/had lots of events).