Part 10 - Tips and Timeline - Living your food freedom

After your reintroduction (minimum 2 days after gluten reintroduction):

1. WHAT NOW? You may feel a little lost now that all the Whole30 restrictions have been lifted. Use what you learned in your reintroduction, so you can plan out your meals with “worth it” foods. For me, I have had some kind of unpleasant reaction to all reintroduced groups (except sugar), and I learned when I spaced out my reintroduction from 2 days to 6 days in between, I had less and less reactions. What that tells me is that I am probably OK indulging in a meal once a week, then eating clean the rest of the time.
2. If you can afford it, buy “Food Freedom Forever” by Melissa Hartwig. It’s an invaluable resource, even for me!
3. Eat clean. Stick with whole foods, don’t sweat the added sugar, but by now, your label reading skills are honed. Look for icky stuff that you don’t want to put in your body and avoid it. For me, store brand organic items are pretty darn clean, and much more affordable. I try not to buy too many non-Whole30 foods because I feel better the closer I eat to Whole30 than completely back to the standard American diet.
4. Watch the combination of ingredients. If dairy and gluten are problematic for you, you may want to consider hard if that slice of pizza is worth it. If it is worth it, go for it and enjoy yourself! If you feel badly after eating it, that will help you decide the next time you’re presented with that option.
5. If you’re going on vacation, enjoy yourself within the boundaries you’ve set! A vacation is a time to relax, and not feel pressured to constrain yourself.
6. Always know you can do a reset if you need to. There’s nothing saying you can’t do a week long reset or a Whole30, starting right now!
7. Remember, you are human. The habits we have learned and formed over our lifetime will take time and practice to change. Don’t beat yourself up because you ate something less than “perfect”. Just enjoy it, and be mindful of why you ate it. I still have to remind myself of this every day.
8. Keep the end goal in mind. If your goal is weight loss, remember what you’ve learned from your Whole30 and ask if this food is helping or hindering you reaching that goal.
9. Surround yourself with support, in person and online.